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CT Hair Design

105 West Rd., Route 83, Ellington

Located next door to Kelly-Fradet Lumber

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Tues. 9 - 9
Wed. 9 - 9
Thurs. 9 - 9
Fri. - 9 - 9
Sat. 8 - 3:30

phone - 860.872.5722



We Use and Recommend These Product Lines -

* Paul Mitchell

* Biolage

* Sebastian

* Rusk

* Spend wisely, compare with inflated supermarket and drugstore prices.

Avoid counterfeit or tampered-with hair products, these products are only guaranteed authentic at
a Professional Salon.

Charities We Support -

The Cornerstone Soup Kitchen




COVID-19  Update – May 19, 2020

The new “proposed” re-opening date is June 1st

We would caution that we cannot always count on these
advance statements to be reliable.

We will begin scheduling, beginning on June 2nd, and will continue
from there hoping for the best.

Please keep in mind that for every day of delay by the State of CT after
the new June 1st date, there will be approx. 10-15 of you who will need
to be rescheduled.

Thank you all ahead of time for your patience and cooperation, you’ve
all been supportive, and Val, Cheryl and I are grateful.


-     Marc


“It is not enough that we do our best;
sometimes we must do what is required.”

- Winston Churchill

** Please keep in mind the accompanying restrictions
as of this writing are:

1. Masks – Clients as well

2. Appointments Only, no walk-ins.

3. Call When You Arrive

4. If you have symptoms, fever, you
will not be allowed in.

5.  One In, One Out

Limit Conversation

7. The State Expects the Elderly and Those Having Weak Immune Systems
and Higher Risk Health Issues to Self-Isolate and Not Come In.
Please err on the side of caution.


Quote from the State of CT Instructions for Salons -

“Customers who choose to visit hair salons and barbershops during this time should be aware of potential risks. Individuals over the age of [65] or with other health conditions should not visit hair salons & barbershops, but instead
continue to stay home and stay safe.

Businesses shall take these rules as the minimum baseline of
precautions needed to protect public health in Connecticut.
Individual businesses should take additional measures as recommended
by industry guidelines or by common sense applied to their particular situation.

We urge customers to stay vigilant and pay attention as to whether
establishments they frequent are faithfully implementing these rules.”


The State of CT says -
 "Licenses could be revoked for non-compliance."

So, please help us and yourself and abide by all the regulations



* Please Note -  If you already have an existing appointment after May 20th, -
we will work from that date, unless we call you otherwise.

If you already have weekly standing appointments, we will
resume on your normal day, where we left off.

We anticipate that the first few weeks back for us will be
extremely busy, ..so please, …  be patient and flexible
as we do our best to schedule you back in.

We will be checking email -
& voicemail, 860-872-5722

Please be patient as we work on returning calls & messages.

Thank you !        

- Marc     

* Hair cutting
* Permanent/Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring
* Dimensional Coloring
* Perms / Texture + Volume Building

Marc & Val

And, -

Val's  Nail Therapy
* Sculptured Nails
* Manicures
* Pedicures

Nail Therapy - 860.796.8007  by appointment,


Visa * Mastercard * Discover

-  Serving Clients from South Windsor, Broad Brook, Tolland, Manchester,
New Britain, Hartford, Vernon , Stafford, Ellington,
Enfield, Coventry and Bolton 
for over 38 Years  





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